The Benefits of Preventative Dentistry

At Whitehorse Dental, we’re all about preventative dental care. But what exactly does preventative dentistry mean and how does this benefit you?

The gist of it is, that instead of visiting the dentist once in a while for major teeth problems, we want to encourage our patients to visit regularly for small teeth cleans and check ups.

The age old saying of “prevention is better than a cure” rings really true at our dental practice.

We fundamentally believe that this is better dental care because in the long run, it is easier, healthier and more cost effective for the individual.

Rather than forking out large sums of money for complicated, long dental procedures once something goes wrong. We’d rather you pay small amounts for regular teeth cleans every 6 to 12 months.


How Preventative Dentistry Works

Why we’re so confident that we can prevent disastrous teeth problems from happening is that teeth tell us a lot of information about your history and daily habits.

You can liken your dentist at Whitehorse Dental to Sherlock Holmes! When our dentists peer into a patient’s mouth, they can look at the evidence shown on the teeth and piece together the story.

Just by looking, we can tell what’s been happening to your teeth for the past couple of years!

Daily actions such as brushing or exercising can leave small trails of damage to your teeth that you may otherwise not notice.

We can even pick up on foods in your everyday diet and eating routines that are unknowingly affecting your teeth!

For us, these tiny clues found in your gums and teeth are red flags that alert us to future, bigger teeth problems.

What we hope to do with preventative dentistry is to stop these damaging habits in their tracks. It only takes a quick dental check up for us to identify issues and prevent future costly problems from ever occurring.


It’s never too early or too late to start

No matter your teeth condition, it just takes the first dental visit to get you on the preventative track to great dental health.

Even if you’ve got teeth issues that cannot be remedied straight away, we can teach you ways to prevent the condition from deteriorating further.

If your teeth are in tip top shape, there are still many simple everyday things you can do at home to avoid any future teeth problems.

Regular 6-12 month quick and easy check ups are all you need to ward off any nasty teeth problems.

Book an appointment online now to get yourself on track for healthy strong white teeth!