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Enviro Dentistry

Enviro-Dentistry – Caring for our Patients and the Environment

Whitehorse Dental is an environmentally-friendly practice. We have many eco-friendly procedures in place to reduce our footprint on the environment.

We Use Sustainable Instruments

Many dental practices use single-use instruments, mostly for convenience, as sterilising and reprocessing instruments takes time. At Whitehorse Dental, we are committed to being as sustainable as possible and, instead of single-use products, we use reusable instruments made of steel or high quality resin wherever possible.

Every instrument is sterilised to the highest standard. Our team would rather take the time to do this for patient safety and the environment than using single-use instruments and discarding them into landfill.

We Use Less Plastic

We minimise plastic usage at our practice by choosing more sustainable products. We use steel cups instead of plastic cups and we use steel or high quality resin dishes to dispense materials instead of single-use plastic.

Many dental clinics use plastic drapes over the dental chair, so changeover is faster and easier – we don’t. Instead, we allocate extra time between patients to carry out our high quality cleaning and disinfectant procedures to maintain the highest standard of hygiene for our patients.

We Recycle

Whitehorse Dental is part of Colgate® and TerraCycle’s free oral care product packaging recycling program. You can drop off used toothbrushes, old toothpaste tubes and caps, electric toothbrush heads, and floss containers to our practice and they will be recycled.

Our amalgam waste is also collected and disposed of correctly by CMA Ecocycle to ensure it doesn’t end up in our waterways. Additionally, we always recycle our light bulbs and batteries.

Less Plastic, Less Waste To Landfill = Better for the Environment

With our commitment to sustainable practices within our dental surgery, every week we save around 3 large garbage bags of plastic waste from going into landfill.

We have also chosen to use high quality hand towels for our bathrooms, which are laundered after each use, instead of using disposable hand towels.

If you’re looking for a dental practice that cares, not only about our patients but also the environment, contact us.