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Dental Crowns and Bridges in Blackburn

If you’re looking for a great smile, but also functional and long-lasting teeth too, you’ll love our handcrafted crowns and bridges. Our crowns and bridges are locally made, and our dentists have extensive experience and a perfectionist approach to return even the most damaged teeth back to full health.

Crowns are a common treatment we recommend for teeth that keep breaking. Here is the explainer for you:

Who Can Benefit From Crowns?

Patients who have had many fillings in the past may notice their teeth chip easily or feel weak when chewing. When a tooth has undergone extensive destruction due to large decay, cracks or multiple fillings, it’s left in a weakened state.

To add more fillings will simply weaken your tooth further and a crown will be a much more long-lasting treatment. A crown covers the tooth, holds it together and strengthens it. This can save the tooth and allow you to chew with confidence. A high-quality crown is indistinguishable from your real teeth. It will be strong and comfortable.

Whether you need a crown to repair a single tooth, multiple teeth or your entire mouth, Whitehorse Dental can help fix and strengthen your teeth.