Inside Whitehorse Dental which is a dental clinic in Blackburn, catering to family dental care

Dental Checkup and Clean

Dental Checkup & Clean in Blackburn

We like to catch problems before they cause you pain and anguish. Regular preventative care, including check-ups and cleans, helps with the early diagnosis of any issues. And, that means less chance of significant dental problems for you in the future.

For your comfort, we use the latest in technology for check-ups and cleans. Our practice uses the Swiss-made AIRFLOW® EMS, which offers precision plaque removal in a way that is quick,pain-free, ideal for sensitive patients and the patients with braces.

At your check-up and clean appointment, we will:

  • Remove any plaque and tartar
  • Check for early signs of oral cancer
  • Check the condition of your teeth for decay
  • Look for any changes in your teeth since your last visit
  • Check the condition of your gums
  • Advise you if any further course of treatment is needed to improve your dental health

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