Your First Visit to Whitehorse Dental - Whitehorse Dental

Your First Dentist Visit

We welcome new patients at Whitehorse Dental. So, if you’re in pain, want to improve your smile or simply book in for a check-up, contact us to make an appointment

Our team understand you may have had negative or painful dental experiences in the past, but our gentle and caring team will quickly calm your fears.

To provide you with the best possible treatment, we take the time to get to know you, find out any problems you’ve been experiencing and discuss your goals for your teeth.

What to Expect

At your first appointment, we will undertake a comprehensive assessment of your mouth which includes:

  • Check the condition of your teeth, look for dental decay, damage from tooth grinding, acid erosion or incorrect brushing
  • Check your gums for signs of disease or infection
  • Assess your jaw joint and bite
  • Undertake dental x-rays to check for damage between the teeth not visible the eye in a clinical examination, the health of the bones supporting your teeth,and the condition of wisdom teeth (if there are wisdom teeth).
  • Screen for early signs of oral cancer
  • Advise you what course of treatment is needed (if any) to improve your dental health


Itemised, the costs of all of your necessary dental tests can add up to well over $400. But, at Whitehorse Dental, we want you to kickstart your journey to great dental health without anxiety about the costs. That’s why we’ve capped the cost of your first comprehensive exam to only $150*. This includes any x-rays and diagnostic tests required to do a comprehensive exam and an assessment of your teeth and gums.

*Capped price does not include cleaning fee if you choose to have your teeth cleaned at your first visit.

Book in for your first visit today

(Allow one hour for your first appointment)