Inside Whitehorse Dental which is a dental clinic in Blackburn, catering to family dental care

Blackburn Family Dental Care

Family Dental Care in Blackburn

At our clinic, we have family-oriented services that are great for the busy family to get their teeth taken care of, all in one stop.

Tooth care is something that develops as a habit from a young age and will be carried by your children for the rest of their life. Get them off on the right foot by learning why preventative dentistry is the way to go – rather than waiting for problems to arise. Cavities and toothaches can occur in children as young as 2 or 3. These problems can be both costly to fix and emotionally draining for the whole family. Your kids may not appreciate the financial gains of our preventative dental model yet – but you will, and so will they when they’re older!

We Are Child-Friendly

Our services that are focused on children include oral examinations, child-friendly cleans and preventative education for the whole family to avoid teeth problems from occurring. Where needed, we also provide treatment such as fillings, root canal treatment, paediatric crowns and extractions. We understand the importance of having a child-friendly environment available for your family. Every detail of our practice in Blackburn has been lovingly designed with your comfort in mind. The modern interior of our space in Blackburn is designed by Antony Poate Design, to be calming and welcoming. Children or adults can relax in our dental chair. Pick your own tunes on Spotify or flick the channels on the ceiling widescreen TV. The dentist doesn’t need to be a stressful experience for your daughter or son!

We Cater to the Whole Family

Have your whole family smiling with us. We provide complete dental care for toddlers, teens, adults and the elderly. Let us help you and your family to live a happy life with healthy teeth. We know that running a household is hard work! So we’re here to help you take care of your family’s dental needs and make the experience easy, comfortable and affordable. The best way to manage the cost, happiness and health of the whole family’s teeth, is to get them in before you notice a problem. Preventative dentistry is the way to go!

Your Family Can Benefit From Preventative Dentistry

Our dental philosophy goes by the adage that “prevention is better than a cure” and we want to share this with our community’s families. Usually, dentists are only thought of when something goes wrong. Crying kids with cavities or adults with severe tooth pain.

Our family dentists in Blackburn want to switch this around. Instead, we encourage the habit of making small, twice-yearly trips to the dentist for a preventative maintenance visit. By doing so, our friendly dentists can foresee any future problems with your family’s teeth, before it happens. With our attentive dental service and honest advice, we can best advise you on the future of your family’s healthy, happy smiles.

For questions around costs, scheduling, budgets, and navigating the dental jargon, we take the time to answer any of your concerns.

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