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Smile Gallery

Smile Gallery

We love helping our patients to transform their smiles. Here are some recent examples of our work.

Smile Makeover


Rohan went through many years of putting his work and family first…but as a result, his teeth suffered. His stressful occupation led to him grinding his teeth day and night which put excessive force on this teeth. They slowly started breaking down and cracking. Luckily he stumbled across our clinic based on a good ‘gut feeling’ and decided it was time to fix his teeth. We were able to strengthen and restore the broken down and damaged teeth with crowns. Rohan loves that his teeth now look and feel healthy. It was great for us to see him do something for himself after putting others before him for so long.


Daniel sustained an injury to his tooth when he was younger and the colour was just never the same afterwards. Before coming to see us he had had the chipped tooth capped with resin many times but it always ended up looking chipped and brown after a while. He came to us wanting to fix the dark and misshapen teeth while keeping the look as natural as possible. To achieve this, we made 4 handcrafted porcelain veneers to create a natural even look. These days Daniel is all smiles when he comes in.


Catherine has always been unhappy with how dark her front tooth looked. She came to us based on recommendations from her friends so that we could help her achieve her dream smile. She wanted a beautiful smile that looked natural, that didn’t involve more dentistry than necessary. We were able to achieve these stunning results by aligning her teeth with some short term braces, teeth whitening, followed by two bespoke porcelain restorations (one veneer and one crown). By aligning her teeth first, we were able to achieve this beautiful smile by only working on two teeth. She was thrilled with her results and now can’t stop smiling!


For years, Karen* had been struggling with her front teeth. She was forever having fillings done to patch up her damaged incisors. The teeth and fillings would keep chipping and breaking, causing her smile to look aged and worn. We revitalised her smile with 8 intricately layered porcelain crowns, which not only made her teeth look better, but they also made them stronger too. Karen’s new teeth make her look years younger and she just can’t stop smiling.


Dental implant to replace front tooth


Valarie* sustained some facial trauma as a child. Her front tooth was severely damaged and the remaining root fragment that was left in eventually became black and infected. For many years, she wore a removable denture to replace the missing front tooth, which was both uncomfortable and inconvenient. We replaced Valarie’s damaged tooth with a dental implant and now she loves her new smile.


Handcrafted Crowns and a Denture


When we first met Jacquelin*, she was so unhappy with her smile. She felt like she had spent a lot of time and money at various dentists over the years, but never achieved a result she was happy with. We helped her achieve the smile she always wanted with a combination of handcrafted porcelain crowns and a beautifully made denture. Now Jacquelin is beaming with confidence with her new smile.

*images are real and reliable; names have been changed where necessary to protect the patient’s identity.

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