I Have a Dental Emergency: What to Do When a Tooth Gets Knocked Out

Needing emergency dental care can happen to anyone, any time, anywhere. Suddenly, you’re in a world of pain, and that pain is focused around your mouth and head. Do you go to an urgent care? How do you find emergency dental care? Here are our tips to help you get the care you need when you find yourself with your teeth knocked out.

Knocking out a tooth is painful and usually occurs because of a fall or other trauma.

What Can I Do When My Tooth Gets Knocked Out?


In the case of children experiencing getting a tooth knocked out, the most ideal thing to do is keep the tooth and bring it to the dentist straight away – sometimes we are able to reattach it. Getting your teeth knocked out is the most time-sensitive emergency and requires immediate attention. In the case of an adult tooth, try and find the tooth and put it back in the socket.  If there is visible dirt, you can give it a quick rinse but ideally do not handle the root part of the tooth too much.  Even if you put it back into the socket the wrong way or wrong position, it is still better than leaving the tooth out of the mouth.  We can always reposition the tooth if it’s not in the perfect spot once you come to the surgery.  


During this process, try not to touch the root surface and keep it unharmed. If you are unable to put the tooth back into the socket, The second best thing to do  is to pop the tooth in milk or saline. If the tooth is salvageable, place it in a cup of milk and bring it with you to your appointment. What if it just gets chipped? Try and find the chipped tooth and bring it to the dentist where they will re-attach it for you. 


On top of that, dentists give this kind of emergency immediate attention as the waiting time has the biggest impact on whether or not your teeth can be fixed. 

Overall, when a dental emergency happens, take a deep breath and remain calm – don’t panic. Second, call Whitehorse Dental immediately. We always try to treat major emergencies on the same day. 

How Do I Prevent Dental Trauma In General?

Wear mouthguard when playing sports 

There are several ways you can prevent dental emergencies, such as seeing your dentist for routine check-ups. Some people have a phobia about seeing a dental professional or receiving any type of dental treatment. It’s certainly easier to schedule a routine appointment than an emergency appointment. At Whitehorse Dental, we are specialists in pain-free dentistry and offer several forms of sedation.


Consult with Your Dentist

Whitehorse Dental serves patients with dental emergencies and also provides routine and pediatric dental care. Call us at 03 8824 9889 if a dental emergency occurs. Our goal is to provide you and your loved ones with compassionate, competent dental care, whether it’s an emergency or not.