EMS Airflow: Your Teeth’s Stain Remover

Looking for a relaxing spa treatment for your mouth? A dental treatment that gently exfoliates your teeth, cleaning your mouth for a brighter smile in just one visit. Then EMS Airflow may be the treatment for you.

EMS Airflow Stain removal is a revolutionary teeth cleaning treatment that is painless and minimally invasive. It’s perfect for people who want to remove stains and plaque buildup from their teeth without whitening strips, trays and intensive in-chair cleaning methods. It offers safe, quick and comfortable teeth cleaning treatment to remove plaque, stains and discolouration in one procedure.

If you’ve been putting off getting your teeth cleaned because your teeth are sensitive or you don’t like the discomfort caused by the traditional cleaning methods, then EMS Airflow is the ideal treatment for you. Learn more about EMS Airflow, how it works and the benefits it provides here. 

What is EMS Airflow?

EMS Airflow is the latest, most innovative technology for dental cleaning. It uses a combination of high pressure compressed air, water, and fine powder particles to remove plaque, debris and stains from teeth.

Air, water and an antimicrobial powder are mixed to create a fine mist or spray power and directed onto the teeth. The fine powder particles help to loosen and remove stubborn surface stains and plaque from the teeth.

EMS Airflow is designed for the successful treatment of biofilm management using a combination of three state-of-the-art technologies. Its effectiveness in removing dental plaque has been proven with scientific evidence , being safe for both children and adults.

Biofilm on teeth is a thin, sticky film of bacteria that accumulates on the surface of the teeth. When this bacterial biofilm builds up on your teeth, it can lead to cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. If not removed, the biofilm can harden to tartar and must be removed professionally by a dentist.

EMS Airflow cleans beneath and between the teeth, as well as under the gum line and even around orthodontic appliances and dental implants. It can be safely used on people with sensitive teeth because it protects the exposed dentine and prevents sensitivity. EMS Airflow even cleans your tongue and palate, missing no area of your mouth for an effective and refreshing mouth spa treatment. 

Process Of Ems Airflow Stain Removal

The EMS Airflow stain removal process begins with your dentist applying a special coloured dye to reveal the biofilm and plaque on your teeth. This is sometimes used to allow you to see the bacteria living on your teeth and can be a great motivator to up your home oral hygiene care. Our dentists will show you the areas with the most plaque buildup and risk of decay and cavities, providing dental care instructions on areas which need a more thorough cleaning, helping you take better care of your teeth after the cleaning.

Next, your dentist will clean your teeth using the EMS Airflow device to remove the biofilm, cleaning and polishing the teeth in one step. The remaining harder tartar may need to be scraped off after cleaning. For a healthy mouth that doesn’t have gum disease, the entire cleaning procedure does not take longer than 30 minutes.

Since the EMS Airflow machine uses high-pressure steam of warm water to clean your teeth, there is no contact with your teeth. The cleaning process is less painful than the traditional teeth cleaning methods. 

At Whitehorse Dental, we use EMS Airflow for all teeth cleaning procedures . There’s no need to request it because we believe in offering our patients the best in dental technology and procedures. 

Benefits of EMS Airflow

  • Using the EMS Airflow tool is quicker – you’ll get your teeth cleaned and remove plaque in half the time or less, compared to traditional teeth cleaning methods

EMS Airflow provides better results in half the time traditional teeth cleaning takes. It can remove plaque more effectively than scraping and vibration tools. By using EMS Airflow as the first step, most of the plaque and tartar get removed first. The harder tartar is then removed using a scraper or an ultrasonic tool, taking a lot less time because most of it has already been cleaned

  • EMS Airflow uses air, which lessens any impacts on the surface of your dental enamel

EMS Airflow is a non-contact form of dental cleaning as it uses air for plaque removal. This lessens the impact on the surface of your tooth, sealing and protecting the tooth enamel. The blast of air, water and the antimicrobial powder works together to remove stains and biofilm, gently exfoliating and polishing your teeth. The powder is non-abrasive and will not damage the tooth enamel.

  • The EMS Airflow tool is very quiet, which provides comfort to noise-averse patients

Most of the time, people complain about teeth cleaning because the water is cold and the process of cleaning hurts as the instruments used to clean the teeth are metal. They vibrate and feel uncomfortable against the tooth surface. The scraping and vibration of dental tools also make it very difficult for patients with dental anxiety to sit through treatments.

With EMS Airflow, there’s no metal touching your teeth. A stream of water heated to 40 degrees is used with anti-microbial powder, similar to a high-power hose but designed safely for teeth. The EMS Airflow machine doesn’t make any noise when being used. This makes your teeth cleaning experience more relaxing and stress-free, especially for children and adults who don’t have to listen to the sound of the feared dental drill. 

  •  Patients get a deeper cleaning with EMS Airflow

EMS Airflow uses specially designed nozzles with guided biofilm therapy to reach inaccessible areas such as ridges, corners and nooks for a thorough deep clean. It can even reach up to 4mm into shallow periodontal pockets, removing soft, sticky plaque and stains more effectively than the traditional scraping and ultrasonic processes.

Our dentists use EMS Airflow for  80% of the cleaning of patients with healthy gums, and the rest is done with scraping or ultrasonic. The feeling after teeth cleaning using EMS airflow is also different. It feels cleaner and plaque-free. There is no tooth sensitivity or an aftertaste in your mouth after the cleaning, only a cleaner, refreshed feeling with whiter teeth.

  • For patients with Dental Implants, it can be used for cleaning without creating any dents or scratches that can lead to getting plaques.

EMS Airflow can be used on patients with braces and dental implants. It can clean around metal brackets without altering the surface or causing any damage. EMS Airflow is the most effective way to clean the titanium of dental implants without causing any dents and scratches. Scratches on dental implants can allow bacteria to attach to them and cause plaque.

Ready for a Brighter, Healthier Smile?

If EMS Airflow sounds like the right teeth cleaning treatment for you, give our Blackburn dentists a call. At Whitehorse Dental, we recommend tailored treatment plans for you according to your oral requirements and smile goals. With a relaxing and peaceful environment and the latest dental technologies used by highly skilled dentists, we’re here to help. Book a consultation today.