Treating Your Child’s Cavities With No-Drill Dentistry

Dental cavities are some of the most common problems in Australia. According to statistics, at least one in four kids within the 5 to 10 years range have unattended decay in their baby teeth. Similarly, around 24% of Australian kids aged 6 to 14 have had carries in their permanent teeth. 

While cost is among the problems hindering most Australians from seeking help with their dental issues, the traditional drilling and filling of dental cavities is also a common cause for concern. Most people delay seeking help, making their dental matters worse, while others forgo the need to visit a dentist’s office altogether. 

Backed by research and results, no-drill dentistry has proven to be a good alternative to traditional tooth decay treatment. Here’s everything you need to know, plus the benefits you can get from seeking this treatment from our experts.

What Is a Cavity?

A cavity, also referred to as dental caries or tooth decay, is a diet-related dental condition characterised by tiny openings or holes on the surface of the teeth. While diet (snacking or eating sugary foods) is the most common cause of cavities, other factors like poor oral hygiene and a dry mouth may lead to the problem.

Cavities often start by weakening the tooth surface. After eating sugary food, for instance, the mouth bacteria digest the sugar, producing an acid that weakens the surface enamel and causes decay. The decay often starts as a dark or white spot on the surface of your teeth before eating deep into your enamel and dentine, causing a cavity.

What’s the Deal With “No-Drill” Dentistry?

The inception of no-drill dentistry results in stabilizing the decay lesion so it doesn’t continue to grow bigger.  . In this process, the professionals adopted a preventative care strategy to inhibit the development of the problem.

Using this method, a filling isn’t necessary for every tooth that has decay, however it does demand commitment from the patient (or caretakers and dentists) to succeed. 

These dental procedures entail three components, including:

  • Educating patients about and helping them to practice proper dental care for babies at home (frequently flossing and brushing teeth)
  • Adjusting your child’s diet to ensure it’s tooth-friendly (less snacking between meals, limited sugary foods and drinks)
  • The dentist applying of fluoride varnish during the early stages to inhibit the development of the cavity

During the no-drill dentistry process, the patient will need regular dental checkups to monitor progress and address any critical issues. According to the team at the University of Sydney study, this process proved to be successful in several instances. It reduced the necessity for undergoing drilling and fillings by 30 to 50%.

We Use Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) For No-Drill Filling

While not every SDF treated tooth requires additional treatment, a filling or crown may be necessary to fill in any already visible holes that are not cleanable.  These are instances where an actual hole results in food getting stuck inside every time a child eats, resulting in the cavity being impossible to keep clean.

Still, your child doesn’t have to undergo the painful traditional drill and fill process. Our experts use the less invasive and painless medication referred to as Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF). This liquid medication works by stopping the development of dental decay and hardening the surface of your child’s tooth.

Reasons to Visit Our Blackburn Dentist for No-Drill Fillings

Our Silver Diamine Fluoride treatment process is an option you may want to try because it’s easy on kids, less intrusive, and comfortable. 

Here are more reasons most patients like the no drill method.

No-Drill Dentistry: Final Thoughts

Healthy teeth do more than the beautiful smiles you admire. They contribute to your child’s general physical health and well-being. However, dental caries is a common problem in Australia. You’re not alone in the struggle. 

Don’t put up with the problem if it makes you uncomfortable. Pediatric dentistry allows you to get an affordable, less invasive, fast, and efficient treatment option. The friendly nature of this treatment method makes it appropriate even for very young children.

Are you ready to start the journey to dental caries treatment in a less invasive and painless way? Whitehorse Dental experts are here to help you restore the beauty and functionality of healthy teeth in your child. Book an appointment with our dental professional here.