Many athletes rely on sports drinks to maintain adequate energy and perform better on the spot during exercise. Surveys show that many athletes face frequent oral problems .

Athletes rely on energy drinks to stay hydrated Whitehorse Dental and stamina during exercise, while also putting their teeth at great risk for the following reasons:

Sports drinks contain high concentrations of sugar and acids that can damage your teeth.

Sports drinks can quickly replenish energy, quickly absorb electrolytes, and replenish lost water for the body.

However, sports drinks contain high concentrations of sugar to quickly replenish physical energy, and the components that assist in the absorption of electrolytes are also strongly acidic (including “sugar-free” versions).

When the body is dehydrated, drinking sports drinks is equivalent to attacking the fragile teeth

Exercise dehydrates the body, which reduces saliva production.

  • Saliva is a natural protective barrier for teeth against disease and cavities

Getting more exercise is a good thing, but we don’t want to damage your teeth in the pursuit of physical fitness. So, we at Whitehorse Dental will provide you with healthy and effective advice.

3 tricks to teach you to easily maintain physical fitness, while reducing damage to your teeth:

1) Drink sports drinks at one time and avoid drinking sports drinks while exercising

Keeping sugar and electrolytes in your body is critical for optimal performance during prolonged, strenuous exercise. Instead of taking small sips of energy drinks every 5-10 minutes, take a large sports drink every 40-60 minutes. The rest of the time just drink water. In this way, it can not only maintain physical fitness, but also reduce the damage of energy drinks to teeth.

2) Eat sports energy bars and avoid snacks

Every time we eat, our mouth becomes more acidic.

If you eat snacks frequently at the end of the day, it means that your teeth will be exposed to acid environment for a long time, and your teeth will be at risk of cavities.

To replenish energy, instead of constantly snacking, you can choose to consume a full-fledged sports energy bar at one time.

3) drink water

The reason is very simple. If you feel thirsty, there is really no need to spend money on sports drinks and consume unnecessary sugars, acids and calories. Even during prolonged endurance exercise, the most important thing your body needs is hydration. Pure moisture.

We’re not telling you to stop drinking energy drinks, we just want you to moderate your intake while keeping your white teeth safe from long-term damage.

Do you exercise a lot? Have other questions or concerns about oral health?

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