Over time, our teeth naturally lose their whiteness and luster. Just like your beloved white jeans, the color of the surface will fade over time, even with good care. So do our teeth.

Although teeth whitening is not a necessary part of oral health care, with white and beautiful teeth, even a smile will feel more confident!

Teeth whitening usually involves the use of peroxides, which do not damage teeth. As long as your teeth and gums are healthy, teeth whitening procedures will not damage the enamel .

The only ingredient that whitens teeth is peroxide . Any teeth whitening method that claims to be free of peroxides will use light, or use ingredients that dehydrate the teeth.

When teeth are dehydrated, the color of the tooth surface becomes lighter. However, once the saliva in the mouth moistens the teeth, the tooth color returns to its original state. Therefore, without the help of peroxide, the effect of teeth whitening is not sustainable.

Whitening teeth with peroxide, although simple, requires the expertise of a dentist. The reason is that it is crucial to avoid the peroxide gel coming into contact with the gums during the teeth whitening process.

In a dental office, dentists have professional oral appliances to customize safe whitening sessions for clients, ensuring that peroxide gel doesn’t come into contact with your gums. None of the oral whitening products on the market can ensure that the gums are safe from peroxide gels.

In home whitening products, if they contain peroxides, the content is usually low, and it is relatively safe to whiten your teeth at home. However, this means that the whitening effect is very slow – if visible, it can take several months.


Professionally whiten your teeth

Whitehorse Dental is happy to provide you with this safe, reliable and simple dental service. Fortunately, the price is relatively favorable.

We offer 2 ways:


Clinic Whitening Service

  • Performed on the dental chair
  • 60 – 90 minutes
  • Apply a powerful peroxide gel, activated by light
  • The dentist will carefully provide multiple protective layers on the lining of the mouth and gums to protect the gums and oral skin from damage

Due to the rapid and dramatic results of in-office whitening, many patients experience extremely sensitive teeth during and after the treatment.

In addition, the color of the teeth cannot be maintained for long after an in-office whitening procedure because the time in the whitening procedure is not long enough for the teeth to fully absorb the whitening gel. Under normal circumstances, the whitening effect of teeth only lasts for six months, after which the whitening treatment can be repeated.


custom dental tray home whitening

  • Custom trays to fit your teeth
  • Put the mild whitening gel into the tooth mold and wear it overnight
  • Gentle and long-lasting
  • Takes about three weeks

Customized tray whitening is our recommended whitening method. Its effect lasts for a long time, and it is not easy to cause tooth discomfort.

It takes time for the enamel to fully respond to the whitening gel. Since you wear a tray at night for weeks, give your teeth plenty of time to absorb the mild whitening gel.

Maximize results with minimal stimulation (most patients report no allergies). Many people’s whitening results last 2-3 years.

Apart from that, you have full control over the extent of your teeth whitening. You can also use it continuously to achieve the effect you are satisfied with.


There are many factors that contribute to tooth discoloration, and it is important to understand the causes. Teeth whitening treatment can solve certain tooth color problems, and some tooth color problems cannot be solved with whitening treatment.

The only way to correctly diagnose your tooth color problem is to consult your professional dentist. Otherwise, the money you spend on whitening treatments may go to waste.

If you want a confident smile and brighter teeth, give us a call at our Blackburn Dental Clinic and we’ll be happy to help.


Image credit : ales_kartal