Children’s lunch boxes have been proven to be the culprit behind tooth decay. The number of children admitted to hospital due to dental disease, increasing daily. Such data is deeply worrying.


According to a new report in the Sydney Herald Daily, more than 100 children are being treated for multiple paralyzed tooth decay removal and filling operations at NSW hospitals each week. In Victoria, about 2700 children aged 0-6 are admitted to hospital each year for preventable dental conditions – most of them under general anaesthetic for dental procedures.


At Whitehorse Dental, our doctors are deeply concerned about data like this, especially since these tooth decay problems are completely preventable through prevention.


The philosophy of our clinic comes from preventive care, and we chat with different parents and children every day about their daily oral health habits. We realize that the humble lunch box has become a hidden danger of tooth decay that parents ignore.

For busy parents, when they prepare lunch boxes for their children, they often think, is this healthy? Will the kids eat it? Am I ready in time for my child? Can the meals stay fresh? For the health of children, preparing a healthy, nutritious and portable lunch box has become the primary consideration for parents!


Unfortunately, many foods that are advertised as healthy, delicious and convenient are creating hidden dangers for children’s oral health.


Are you concerned about your child’s tooth decay? It’s never too late or too early to make an appointment at Whitehorse Dental today.


dodgy sugar food marketing

Food labels are a key factor in causing tooth decay in children. Many foods that are advertised as “all natural” and “low fat” tend to contain a lot of sugar. Such dodgy marketing is everywhere!


Tasty candy is known to be bad for kids’ mouths, but many parents don’t realize that healthy packaged foods like energy bars, yogurt and dried fruit also hide a lot of sugar.


Seemingly healthy dried fruit is a good example, even if the main ingredient is fruit, but it can still be very bad for your teeth. In the process of making dried fruit, the water in the fruit is completely drained, so that the intake of children will be greatly increased, and the intake of sugar will also be excessive. A small packet of dried bananas has the same amount of sugar as 5 fresh bananas. The sugar in a 40g packet of raisins is equal to 100 fresh grapes… that’s 6 teaspoons of sugar! Even for an adult, it is difficult to ingest 100 grapes at a time. For children’s teeth, such a weight is beyond the load.


Unfortunately, these packages are small and easy to eat, and they are also advertised as “healthy foods”, so parents don’t think too much about them and put them in their children’s lunch boxes.


Cases of tooth decay are on the rise in Australia as the sugar content of packaged foods is affecting young children’s teeth .


What is a healthy lunch box for teeth?

 Example of a teeth healthy lunch box

We all know that parents are extra busy! Preparing lunch boxes for kids can be a difficult task. Dried fruits and cereals that are convenient and quick are inevitable in lunch, but we still recommend that parents use those packaged foods as special snacks and emergency cravings to reward their children, rather than as the main ingredients of lunch boxes.


Follow a simple rule: Avoid packaged snacks whenever possible, and instead put fresh food and vegetables in your child’s lunch box.


To make a healthy lunch box for your child’s mouth, here are our recommended ingredients:


Lunch Box Avoiding Ingredients Oral Health Lunch Box Ingredients
Dried fruit such as raisins, sliced ​​bananas 1 piece of fresh fruit such as apples, peaches
Oatmeal Nutrition Energy Bar A small package of nuts, such as almonds
preserved fruit Vegetables and dipping sauces, such as diced carrots and cabbage sauce
Oatmeal with Yogurt Toast Slices with Cheese and Tomatoes
flavored yogurt Greek yogurt or plain yogurt
White Bread Sandwich Whole Wheat Bread Sandwich
jam sandwich Chicken and Salad Wraps
Cookies and Cakes Pack of Cherry Tomatoes
A bottle of juice or a juice box, such as orange juice Bottle of water


For more details, read the Sydney Morning Herald article . It can give you better advice on children’s lunch boxes.


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