5 Reasons Why it’s Wise to Get Wisdom Teeth Removed

Nobody wants to hear that they need dental surgery. Even the bravest of souls feel inconvenienced by the recovery time and cost that comes with getting work done. If you’re anxious about surgery, dentists or doctors, then fear of the procedure also plays a huge role in your willingness to get the dental work that you need done. However, dental surgery is sometimes just a part of life.

While many people elect to skip out on wisdom teeth removal surgery, this very common procedure is more important than you may think and is not advisable to skip out on.

Not everyone needs to get their wisdom teeth removed. However, your dentist will tell you if it’s necessary, and it’s strongly advised that you listen to them. While it can be tempting to just never make the appointment for wisdom teeth extraction, there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t avoid your extraction.

1. Prevent Future Pain

If your wisdom teeth aren’t hurting, it might seem unnecessary for you to get them taken out. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right? Actually, no. Getting your wisdom teeth out before they start hurting only means that you’re preventing future pain from wreaking havoc on your jaw. Typically, this means getting them out before they have broken through your gums. This will make your surgery and recovery less painful and easier to heal.

2. Keep Your Other Teeth Healthy

Many people are instructed to have their wisdom teeth removed to prevent severe damage to their back teeth. Wisdom teeth don’t typically grow in straight, causing them to push other teeth out of the way or crowd teeth. Some wisdom teeth that grow in at an angle catch food and harbour bacteria, causing other teeth to decay. By removing the teeth before they cause a problem, you are saving yourself potentially hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs. Those who choose to skip out on their extractions are typically saddled with cavities, bad breath and gum disease, all thanks to their wisdom teeth.

3. Keep Your Teeth Straight

If you’ve been blessed with straight teeth or you had to endure the long-winded agony of braces, chances are that you are interested in keeping your straight smile. If you allow your wisdom teeth to grow in, you are risking damage to your smile’s alignment. Wisdom teeth often don’t grow in normally because most people’s mouths are often too small, so instead they push other teeth around in your mouth when they grow in. Say hello to crooked teeth! Your teeth can even get so out of alignment that you develop issues with your bite, which can impact your speech and ability to chew food.

It’s worth the time and money to get your wisdom teeth removed before they can cause alignment problems. Otherwise, you might find yourself investing in braces, and if you’ve already been through that cycle once, there’s absolutely no need to do it all over again.

4. Look Out for the Rest of Your Body

Wisdom teeth aren’t just limited to reigning terror on your teeth. No, their damage can spread much wider if left unchecked. Some wisdom teeth can cause sinus issues, including uncomfortable pressure, pain and congestion that ranges from mild to dilapidating. Wisdom teeth can also get infected, which means you could wind up with a fever, body aches and chills—all because of your teeth. Finally, wisdom teeth can also come with cysts. When left untreated, these cysts can hollow out your jaw and cause permanent damage.

5. It’s Not That Bad

One of the best parts of living in the modern world comes with all the technological and medical advances that make procedures like wisdom teeth extractions so much more bearable. People may have horror stories about horrible pain or bad surgical experiences, but if you do your research, manage your anxiety about dental procedures and keep your expectations realistic, it’s not going to be that bad. Most wisdom teeth extractions are done with the patient under anaesthetics. Even if you’re awake, you’re going to be so relaxed that you won’t know or care what’s happening to you. An expert oral surgeon will also prepare you for the pain and swelling you will feel during recovery and give you medications and tips to manage your symptoms.

If you’re looking to get your wisdom teeth removed before they cause serious problems in your life, make sure you consult a good dentist beforehand. Whitehorse Dental can provide consultations and recommendations for how to best handle your wisdom teeth problems. For more information and to book an appointment, visit[:]