Too Much Teeth Brushing: It’s a Problem!

Sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad for you. When it comes to teeth brushing, surprisingly, there is such thing as too much.

Our daily brushing routines form the basis of tip top dental health. However, we have noticed excessive teeth brushing habits which are unknowingly causing more damage than good.

There is a perception that the longer you brush, the cleaner your teeth. Unfortunately, this is not true.


How much is too much teeth brushing?

over brushing teeth

Brushing for any longer than 2 minutes at a time can traumatise your gums and cause them to shrink away.

We’ve met some people who brushed their teeth for as long as 15 minutes! They didn’t realise they were eroding their teeth and gums.

Brushing teeth for too long thins out your enamel. Once enamel is worn away, it doesn’t grow back.

In extreme cases, over-brushing can even wear away the root of your teeth.

Toothbrush abrasion is a real thing, and unfortunately is increasingly seen in new patients at our dental clinic in Blackburn.


Common Symptoms of Over-brushing

  • Teeth become sensitive to icy drinks
  • Often users of medium to hard bristle toothbrushes

A simple and quick dental check up can reveal any signs of over-brushing. Book your appointment online now.


How Long To Brush Teeth For?

As your dentist professional, we’re telling you to brush less. Yep! You heard right.

Simply, 2 minutes is all you need for an effective teeth brushing session.

2 minutes of brushing is sufficient and after that point, it’s unlikely your teeth will become cleaner from brushing alone.  That’s because the dirtiest areas are actually wedged in the gaps between your teeth.

No length of time brushing and no fancy toothbrush can physically get in between those tiny spots.

Instead, we recommend that you clean in between your teeth with an interdental brush before you brush them with a toothbrush. An interdental brush can easily reach and clean between your teeth. And it’s way less effort than flossing!

When you’re brushing, remember to go gently and also stop brushing at the 2 minute mark.

Combining your toothbrush with interdental brushes will give you a tip top clean that’s easy on your gums and enamel.


What’s Best for Teeth Brushing?

Optimising your brushing routine is not only time saving, it’s also super simple.

  • Brush twice a day, in the morning and also before bed
  • Before you brush your teeth at night time, once a day, use interdental brushes to clean between teeth
  • Each brushing session should last about 2 minutes

For the complete low down on brushing your teeth, read our article 5 Quick Tips on How to Brush Your Teeth Like a Professional.

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