3 Tips For Gentle Dental Care With Dr Annie & Dr Linda

Dentist visits can be daunting! So much so, that we’ve dedicated our entire practice to stress-free and gentle dental care. And this month, we’re pleased to welcome Dr Annie Tong and Dr Linda Huang to help us in this mission.

If you’re anxious about going to the dentist, consider Dr Annie’s advice for gentle dental care: “Our goal at Whitehorse Dental is to set our patients up for a lifetime of gentle dental care. For us, that means helping our patients avoid painful dental problems in the first place.”

To explain, Dr Annie and Dr Linda draw on their vast experience in General Dentistry to share the top 3 ways to avoid painful dental treatments — and instead, enjoy gentler teeth care for you and the whole family!

woman practicing gentle dental care by brushing between teeth with an interdental brush

1. Avoid tooth decay by brushing between teeth

We all know the importance of brushing our teeth morning and night. But not enough is stressed about brushing between your teeth. From school-age, we learn that we have to brush our teeth. Unfortunately though, there’s not enough education on how to properly do it.

Not many people realise that a large amount of food gets wedged between teeth. Many are also not aware that a toothbrush simply cannot reach these areas of the mouth. If you don’t brush between your teeth, that leaves around 35% of the tooth’s surface uncleaned! Consequently, that leaves a lot of teeth that goes unbrushed!

Dr Linda says: “I can’t stress enough the importance of brushing between your teeth using interdental brushes, on top of your daily clean with a toothbrush.”

This seems like a big change, but on your visit for a check up and clean, your dentist can show you how to brush between your teeth effectively. With the right technique, it’s a piece of cake!

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Breaking teeth

2. Avoid the stress of cracked teeth

Usually, cracked teeth are more likely to appear as we get older. Commonly, it is a problem caused by over-repeated filling procedures or low quality fillings or weakened teeth.

Recently however, we have noticed an uptick in cracks through “virgin” teeth. These are teeth that have never had fillings or ever been restored. This is highly unusual and most often in these cases, the problem stems from clenching and grinding of the teeth due to stress. The sustained pressure of grinding or clenching can cause teeth to crack.

Even trickier, a cracked tooth is usually asymptomatic. Meaning, it doesn’t hurt. Unfortunately, by the time a cracked tooth causes pain, the problem is severe and treatment is usually quite complex.

Therefore, if you are prone to grinding or clenching your teeth, it’s worth maintaining your regular 6-monthly dental check ups. A dentist can easily spot early signs of tooth wear. Thereby helping you to avoid a costly and painful cracked tooth.

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Caring for Children’s Teeth - Part 3: How to introduce kids to brushing their teeth

3. Avoid dental anxiety for young children

Both Dr Annie and Dr Linda love seeing kids! Their best advice for parents is to bring kids in to visit the dentist as early as possible.

Even if bubs is yet to sprout a first tooth, it’s worth bringing them in to get used to a dental environment. Oftentimes we don’t get to look inside their mouth. Rather, the value is in familiarity: your little one can get to know their dentist and go for rides on the dentist chair! Usually, we recommend a baby’s first check up at around 2 years of age, as by that time, they usually have all of their baby teeth.

So if you’re a parent booking in for your next dental check-up at Whitehorse Dental, consider bringing your child in too. When you book in, simply let our reception know and we can usually accommodate for it.

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About Dr Annie Tong

Profile photo of Dr Annie Tong

If your ideal dentist experience is gentle and stress-free, then book in with Dr Annie. Dr Annie is a dedicated dentist who provides high-quality treatment in a patient and gentle manner.

She recognises that seeing the dentist can be daunting. For this reason, she works with patients to help them understand the existing situation of their oral health. Dr Annie enjoys all aspects of general dentistry, and in particular, she takes the time to discuss dental treatment options with the aim of achieving long-term oral health.

Dr Annie graduated with First Class Honours from the University of Adelaide, with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and Bachelor of Dental Science in Dentistry. Previously practicing in a private dental clinic in the Barossa Valley, she now brings her wealth of experience to Whitehorse Dental in Blackburn.

Dr Annie regularly attends professional development courses and keeps up to date with all the latest techniques and treatment available.

Outside of work, Dr Annie loves gardening, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. Dr Annie speaks English, Shanghainese and Mandarin.

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About Dr Linda Huang

Profile photo of Dr Linda Huang an experienced dentist in BlackburnDr Linda Huang is passionate about dental care that’s not only great for your smile, but your whole body health and wellbeing too. She’s committed to providing holistic dental care in a professional and gentle manner.

Practicing in all aspects of general dentistry, Dr Linda has a special interest in children’s dentistry, gum care and preventive care. Understanding that families are busy, she aims to empower her patients with easy and practical dental solutions.

Dr Linda is an active member of the Australian Prosthodontic Society, Australian Society of Endodontologys, and holds a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from James Cook University. Her work has taken her to rural NT, QLD and regional Victoria, and now she brings her broad experience to Whitehorse Dental in Blackburn.

During her spare time, Dr Linda enjoys cooking up tasty morsels, getting active with friends, and spending time with family.

Dr Linda speaks English and Mandarin.

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