Is There a Genetic Link to Healthy Teeth?

It is true that some people develop dental problems easier than others. You probably know a person or two who doesn’t take care of their teeth, yet never seems to have any issues with gum disease.

On the other hand, you might develop dental problems easily and not understand why.


The truth is, there’s a genetic link to gum diseases

Babies are born with very little bacteria in their mouths. With no teeth, there are limited places for the bacteria to hide and hang out.

Once teeth start growing, natural bacteria start colonising in baby mouths.  The source of the bacteria comes directly from the parents. These bacteria are passed through contact during everyday activities such as kissing, hugging, sharing spoons etc.

When the parent has healthy teeth, the good bacteria get passed on to the child. At the same time, if the parent has bad teeth, bad bacteria get passed on to the baby.

If the parents are experiencing unhealthy teeth, they are passing on bad bacteria.  This can set the child up for a much higher susceptibility to gum disease and other dental problems for the rest of the child’s life.

When the parents have healthy teeth, the child will inherit the good bacteria needed to better protect them from tooth and gum disease.

Essentially, to set your kids up for a future of great dental health, you can begin by taking the best care of your own teeth!


You don’t have to have bad teeth just because your parents did

If you’re one of those unlucky ones who gets teeth issues easily, don’t worry. It’s usually quite an easy fix to get your teeth back into healthy shape.

The health of your teeth can be changed through regular dental care habits such as:


In addition to this, our dentists at Whitehorse Dental can give you personalised advice on how to make sure your teeth don’t suffer, despite your dental genetics.

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